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Advanced ebay Shop Design Platinum Package 
Includes about me page, custom page layout, listing design & e-com website

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How you shop

How you shop
eBay shop design
eBay Shop Design and listing design
eBay shop design listing and website design

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Ebay shop design, about me page layout, custom page layout, logo design, listing template design, e-com website & much more.
Save ££££s on the price if ordered separately  

Click the image below to order the Platinum package, orders are processed securely by PMB Web Solutions.

Only 50% payment required.  You pay the other 50% when your happy with the work

You are buying a full ebay shop design with matching listing design template & matching ecommerce website (click here for more information about the website design). this is an opportunity for you to have the ultimate eBay Shop. This eBay shop design services is for ebay members, from small private sellers to large business sellers throughout the UK and beyond.

Easy to use ecommerce website for both the sellers and customers.

Having a professional looking shop will not only make you look more professional but it will increase your sales and make you or your company more money.

Our prices are affordable and all our work is 100% professional. This service will take your trading to the next level. This shop design has Full eBay integration which means you can still use eBay's interface to manage categories, add promo boxes, create pages etc... and the shop will automatically update whilst keeping its style.

The design will appear throughout your entire shop (not just the homepage) including any custom pages, category pages and the About Me page. So this package includes about me page and custom page styling. 

You will also get a matching listing design template. You use this when listing your item, it will come with full instructions of how to use it. The listing template can be used over and over again for all the items you sell.  

You will also get a matching website (click here for more information about the website design), drive your ebay customers to your website and save hundreds of pounds a month on ebay fees. You website will have the same look and feel as the your ebay shop and listing design. 

Platinum package includes the following:

  • Full E-commerce website with admin control panel (click here for more info)

  • Entire shop design (all pages)

  • Includes matching listing design template

  • Includes about me page layout

  • Includes any custom pages layout

  • Logo design (if needed)

  • Full ebaY integration

  • Promotional box's styling

  • Roll over categories (categories background will change as you roll over them) 

  • Flash design & image design

  • Auto updating Star item (positioned top left of layout)

  • Auto updating featured item (positioned top right of layout)

  • Also you get up to 5 featured categories under the features item.

  • Shop designed around your companies colour's

  • Easy to use (update your shop the same way you do now)

  • 3 months FREE HOSTING, support & software usage (click here for more info)

  • FREE Advertisement on my web design site

  • If you wish all images & flash files used can be emailed to you in zip form

  • Normally ready in 1 - 4 weeks 

You get all that above & more. Please look at the ebay shops that we have designed using the advanced layout in our portfolio, you will see when looking at them how the shop layout works. 

If you have any questions please click the FAQ tab & see if your question is answered there. If it isn't please feel free to contact us.

If you would like your shop laying out differently please contact us for a quote. Also if you would like extra things designing for your shop like a custom welcome page etc.. contact us with details and we will give you a price.

Thanks for taking the time to look at our website & we hope to be working with you soon 

Thanks and best regards,
From all the team at eBaY Shop Design

Click the image below to order the Platinum package, orders are processed securely by PMB Web Solutions.

Only 50% payment required.  You pay the other 50% when your happy with the work

If you order this package your are agreeing to the terms and conditions found here Terms & Conditions


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the design process take?
It will normally take 1 - 3 weeks to complete the design work, sometimes sooner & sometimes a little longer. It all depends on what changes if any you want doing to the design after you see it. If you have a time scale and would like the work doing in a set time please contact us and we will let you know if it can be done in that time. We have completed a full shop design & listing design within 1 week as the customer needed it ASAP & we had the time to fit them in.

Is it a pre made design?
No, each client receives custom design to produce a unique look and feel. Your company colours etc... can be used. The design can look how ever you want it to.

Is it just a fancy home page?
No, the shop will keep its look on every page not just the first one
, so the design will include about me page and any other custom page you have in your shop. It also uses eBay's inventory system, meaning all items either viewed by category or retrieved by a search will display dynamically whilst retaining the shops styling.

Is it possible to meet up with a member of your teamto discuss our needs
Yes you are more then welcome to come and discuss your needs with us. We are based in Manchester in the north west of England. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

What payment methods do you take?
We accept credit / debit cards (through paypal), paypal, cash, postal orders, cheques & bank transfers. International buyers paypal only.

Are there any additional ongoing costs?
t for 3 months, then its just £9.99 per month for hosting, access to our members area, usage of our listing software, unlimited image hosting, email / telephone support & tweaks & support on any changes ebay make to the layout. If you also get an eCommerce website from us as well then hosting and support for this will be free for 3 months then £19.99 a month.

How many images can I host on your server?
The hosting is totally unlimited,
including unlimited bandwidth, so you can host as many images as you like. Never pay ebay again for having more the one image on your listing. Its also very easy to upload an image just browse your computer for it click upload and that's it, you will then be given the URL to the image.

Will it increase my sales?
This question is asked a lot, customers we have done work for in the past say there sales increased shortly after the design work was done. Stating the shop paid for its self after a couple of months. Think of it this way, if you was buying an item and you had the choice of buying it from two different people at the same price, one had a standard shop and one had there shop designed professional who would you buy from? I know who I would buy it from, the one with the better looking shop. I have also in the past paid a little more for the one with the well designed site as I trusted them more. 

Can I update the shop myself?
Yes, our shops work with the eBay interface which means you can change your categories, add promotion boxes, create custom pages etc... and the shop will automatically update without losing its styling. Basically, anything you can currently do with your shop you will be able to do with the new one.

Can I use the images else where?
Yes, once the design is complete we will email you a graphics pack, all rights to these graphics are passed over to you and as the owner you can use them wherever you like.

Is this service available outside the UK?
Yes, I will design your shop no matter what country you are in. Please note paypal only for international buyers.

If you have any other questions about this service please contact
us we are here to help.

Live Support- If a member of our team is online you can chat to them using our online chat. If no one is online then you will be able to leave a message. Please click the image to the left to chat now


Email- contactus@ebayshopdesign.com or click the image of the envelope to the left to send us an email using our online email form.




Tel- 0161 821 1982 or 07906 664 280
You can phone us for a site quote or with any questions you have about my services. lines open 9am - 5pm




Text- 07906 664 280 You can text us for a site quote or with any questions you have about our services. 24/7




Blackberry messenger Pin- 29E1586D If you have a blackberry you can add us on bbm and message us for a site quote or with any questions you have about our services. 24/7



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